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Chris Walcher

Boothe Concrete

1906 Richcreek Rd
Austin, TX, 78757
United States


Awards and Press


Rio Grande Residence, Austin--Published in Texas Architect Magazine, March/April 2016

To get the building close enough to the tree to form this relationship (actually, there wasn’t room enough on the site to do anything but get close to the tree), the architects had to rely on some advanced structural engineering. The house is supported on a 9-in-thick steel-reinforced concrete structural slab that rests on 25-ft-deep piers. The shafts for the piers were excavated with an air spade to make sure that they did not impact on any critical roots. The corner beside the tree cantilevers nine feet from the last pier, a move made possible by a steel-braced frame that integrates with the primarily wood-framed structure.
— Aaron Seward--Texas Architect Magazine