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Chris Walcher

Boothe Concrete

1906 Richcreek Rd
Austin, TX, 78757
United States



Concrete Studio

creative studio and office space

Architect: Mell Lawrence Architects

 Project Team: Mell Lawrence, Krista Whitson, François Levy & John Castore

Contractor: Don Crowell Builders, Manager: Divit Tripathi

Landscape: David/Peese Design

Interiors: David/Peese Design

 Concrete:  Boothe Concrete

This sculptural structure, built entirely from poured-in-place concrete, houses the studio of a creative couple who are avid gardeners. The workspace is tucked into a hillside with a garage and storage area below. It resides amongst a family of structures in the surrounding two-acre garden as a tectonic object that celebrates both the textural and aesthetic qualities of the concrete material. Locally-built operable steel windows allow for ample ventilation and varied light qualities to brighten the interior. A large skylight sliced from the north corner provides even light all day while a south window welcomes dappled light filtered through Live Oak trees. The large sliding door to the east captures morning sun and cool breezes while opening the building’s face to the formal lawn that is shared with the main residence. The exterior concrete is formed into raised panels reminiscent of reptilian scales. This texture catches light and animates the monolithic volume as shadows move across the walls and bring the volume to life as an enduring element in the ever-changing garden environment.
— Mell Lawrence Architects